Passover 2019: congratulations in prose and verse

Send sincere and kind greetings for the Jewish Passover Passover friends and acquaintances

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Еврейская Пасха 2019: поздравления в прозе и стихах

Congratulations with the Jewish Passover 2019

Tomorrow is Pesach – Passover, which begins traditionally celebrated on the 14th day of the spring month of Nisan and in 2019 falls on the period from Friday evening, April 19, to Saturday, April 27.

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If you have friends and acquaintances involved in the celebration of Passover, be sure to congratulate them on this momentous occasion and send the most touching, kind, joyful and beautiful greetings for the Jewish Passover Passover.

Passover 2019: congratulations in the verses


The Passover comes,
I congratulate you sincerely,
Happiness is in the life of your
Let a huge, endless.

Let the heart be free
From the sorrows and grievances,
The path to righteousness and enlightenment
Will you let opened.

Best congratulations in the verses with the Jewish Passover 2019


Here came the Holy Jewish holiday
What is called the Jewish Passover.
Got rid of slavery in Egypt
Went into the wilderness, believing in miracles.

I wish you luck
And never freedom not to lose
To go through life in a good mood
And the friends and relatives not to forget.

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Passover: greetings friends


Spring festival, without work and worries,
Us solar Passover on the wings bears!
Matzah and the lamb are on the tables
We will not have a shortage of friends.

Seven days you will celebrate Passover people
While enlightenment will not come.
The Jews of the feast can not be sure,
Mark Pesach widely, friends!

Еврейская Пасха 2019: поздравления в прозе и стихах

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The Jewish Passover 2019: greetings in prose


Let bright and joyous Pesach will fill the soul with happiness and your heart with hope. Always want to go on a righteous and good life in difficult times to support friends sincerely love their loved ones, constantly thinking good thoughts and directing our actions in compassionate and great things.

A short greeting with the Jewish Passover in the SMS


The Passover comes,
Accepting congratulations,
Let it bring joy,
Only bright moments.

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Beautiful greetings for the Jewish Passover


At Passover you wish
Happiness, joy, good luck.
Faith let him help in life
Difficult to solve the problem.

Let freedom in your heart
The dream always leads
The prosperity, inspiration
You may Pesach bring.

Joyful greetings at Passover in prose


Congrats on the Great Jewish festival! May the Passover bring prosperity, luck, new events, excitement. Health, harmony with yourself and others, bright ideas and true happiness! Let the glimmer of love inside and around you on the outside!

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