Passover 2019: today is the Jewish Passover

Today begins the Jewish Passover 2019: the meaning and traditions of Passover

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Песах 2019: сегодня отмечается еврейская Пасха

Passover 2019

Today, April 19, beginning the Jewish Passover, the Passover, which each year is traditionally celebrated in mid-spring. This is one of the main Jewish holidays. How is the date of Passover in the year 2019, what is the meaning of this holiday and what traditions are observed, find out in our article.

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When the Jewish Passover (Pesach) in 2019

According to tradition, the Jewish Passover (or Pesach) is celebrated for seven days in Israel. But the Diaspora living outside the country, Easter lasts for eight days. The beginning of Passover falls on the 14th day of the spring month of Nisan, which is solar-lunar Jewish calendar is the first month in the biblical year.

If you focus on our Gregorian calendar, Nisan annual accounts for the period March-April. Like the Christian Easter, Passover has no fixed date every year falls on different numbers. Passover 2019 falls on the period from the evening of today, Friday, April 19, to Saturday, April 27.

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Passover 2019: the meaning of Passover

Passover is one of the most important and oldest festivals in Jewish culture, dedicated to the liberation of Jews from 400 years of slavery. The literal name of the holiday means “passed”, which symbolizes God’s mercy, Kara which passed the Jewish houses, while hitting families of the Egyptians.

This refers to the biblical story of the tenth Egyptian penalty, according to which the Egyptians were struck by a divine punishment because Pharaoh refused to release the Jews from their long slavery. Only once in Egyptian families began to die, the firstborn, the Jews were freed and made the Exodus from Egypt.

By the will of God, the Jews under the leadership of Moses were freed from slavery, and then for 40 years they wandered in the desert. The tradition of this is the Foundation of the Jewish religion, since the Exodus from Egypt, the Jews celebrate during Passover.

The Jewish tradition of Passover

Pesach is a family holiday, during which Jews gather at home at the holiday dinner table with candles, Easter perform a ritual ceremony to recall the history of his people, prayers of the Haggadah.

The main requirement for Passover is the prohibition of chametz, or leavened bread, i.e. products that have undergone the process of fermentation and fermentation. This food is yeast bread and also pasta, pastries, beer, etc. even on the Eve of Passover is a ritual cleansing of the house from the remnants of chametz. Also carefully cleaned and boiled utensils to remove the remains of chametz. Allowed only unleavened bread – matzah. The fact that the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt happened so fast that the bread cooked in the way, just didn’t come out of the test.

Other required items during the festive meal, the Seder, in addition to matzah, is a roasted sacrificial lamb, bitter herbs, grated fruit and chopped nuts, eggs, fish, and four ritual glasses of wine and other treats.

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In the first and last day of Passover not to work, so they are official holidays in Israel. Other days are festive days. On the seventh day respected tradition to go to the sea or other water body, because this day symbolizes the transition of the Jews of the red sea during the Exodus from Egypt, and conduct the ceremony of the separation of marine waters.

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