Passports: cancel, postpone or travel to Montreal?

Passports: cancel, postpone or drive to Montreal?


Many travelers from the Eastern Townships ask themselves the question, since it is impossible to know the status of their passport application in a regional office.

Each day, dozens of people go to the Service Canada office in Sherbrooke to find out the status of their passport application. However, it is not possible to follow up on your file in a regional office. Thus, many travelers leave empty-handed and with their heads full of questions.

In travel agencies, panic is also present. Behind every customer in a hurry to leave is a travel advisor who goes out of their way to find solutions.

Some customers choose to cancel or postpone their trip, but the impact on the wallet is feels good. Inflation and rising fuel prices have pushed up the price of packages and plane tickets.

All travel advisors agree on one thing: if you don't have not already applied for your passport, forget the plane this summer.