Patent 2022 – subjects leak before the test: Internet users are jubilant over the rescue subject, a complaint filed

Stress relief for the 850,000 candidates for the Brevet 2022. After the start of the tests this Thursday, June 30 with French and maths, they are working this Friday, July 1 on history, geography and science. Except that last night, the subjects of the two events leaked on Whatsapp, TikTok or Twitter. National Education announced that it was going to file a complaint and Internet users did not fail to react on the networks.

After the baccalaureate which had made the students laugh 15 days ago, it was time for the college certificatefor 3rd graders. But there was still a failure. After the teacher who got the program wrong, it was another problem that prompted National Education to react: the escape of the subjects of two 2022 patent tests which were to take place this Friday morning. We'll explain.

Two subjects of the 2022 Patent leaked a day before

This Friday, July 1, 2022, the 850,000 patent candidates take two tests : history-geography, moral and civic education and the sciences(SVT and technology). Except that those who are currently working did not in fact have the right to the initially planned subjects but to emergency subjects: this Thursday, June 30, on the eve of the tests, the planned subjects have leaked via WhatsApp, before being quickly shared on TikTok and Twitter. As the Ministry of National Education explains, photos of the subjects have been spotted on the app. Except that, bad luck for the cheaters, the info came up and the decision was made to modify the subjects.

A story that is moderately laughing on the side of Pap Ndiaye's ministry. National Education has already announced that it will file a complaint following this leak and an internal administrative investigation has been opened to find out how the subjects ended up on WhatsApp and social networks.

Internet users validate the leak

While waiting to find out how such a leak could have taken place, Internet users did not fail to react on the networks following this announcement. And most of them were pretty happy with the last minute change to the story topic. According to them, it was the simplest chapter of the program and they did not fail to say it on Twitter:

Are they still going to laugh so much at science ? Answer this afternoon! The results of the Brevet 2022 will be revealed between July 8 and 12. Come on, a few more weeks to go and it will finally be the real vacation!