Path Quebec: the port of the cover-face required in public places

Trajectoire Québec: le port du couvre-visage exigé dans les lieux publics

MONTREAL – Approximately 73 % of transit users consider that the port of the mask is the main element that increases their level of security in public places, says a survey conducted by the body Trajectory, Quebec.

On several occasions, the 650 respondents to the survey may have mentioned wanting the port of the cover face should be required in public places.

Trajectory Québec, the promotion of public transport, asking the government to make the port of the cover face is mandatory in all public places closed, where the rules of social distancing are difficult to meet.

The agency believes that the port of the cover-face in the population is insufficient in this day in indoor public places, and this, despite the recommendations of the department of public health.

“What we want to avoid at all costs, it is that persons who take public transit, turn to the auto solo because they do not feel safe,” said the president of Trajectory, Québec, François Pepin.

Distributed, but not widely used

People begin to use public transport during their daily commuting, but less than half of the users of the subway wears a mask, according to observations of the “24 Hours”.

Since the end of may, the transit agencies in the Greater Montreal, however, have distributed more than 250,000 masks reusable to their customers.

According to a group of experts, it is necessary that 80 % of the population wears the mask in enclosed public places, if you want to avoid a second wave of sars coronavirus strikes Quebec this fall.

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