Pathways for cyclists and pedestrians: it is impossible to know the number of parking lots lost

Voies pour cyclistes et piétons: impossible de connaître le nombre de stationnements perdus

It is impossible to know how many parking spaces will be eliminated in the streets of Montreal to make room for temporary tracks for cyclists and pedestrians, furnished in speed to encourage active transportation during the pandemic.

A bit everywhere in the city, traders were surprised to see it disappear overnight parking spaces in front of their establishment. Citizens have faced the same obstacle in many residential neighborhoods, but the City can’t count the number of places that have disappeared or that will be removed later this summer.




Particular attention is given to minimize these losses, especially in residential areas, advance simply Eric Allan Caldwell, head of the mobility on the executive committee of the City of Montreal.

Term, 327 km of corridors should be installed in the metropolis. Phase 1 consists of 61 km, and the costs of its implementation are estimated at$ 7.4 Million, which will be taken to the emergency Fund of the coordination Centre for emergency preparedness (CCMU) of the City of Montreal.



For comparative purposes, the segment of the Network express bike that will be built on the streets Lajeunesse and St-Denis, north of Jean-Talon, is much less extensive and will cost$ 12.5 Million to the City of Montreal.



No study on the impact of traffic has not been carried out before the implementation of pathways, which can be explained by the short period of time, according to Mr. Caldwell.

“Each phase of the deployment is validated by the CCMU, it was necessary to act quickly in the face of the situation. All the normal processes of planning, whether the identified impacts on traffic or on the ground, usually take two years. There, it deploys and adjusts in time and place,” he says.



The lack of information on parking is “an evident sign of the improvisation of projet Montréal,” according to the leader of the official opposition at city hall, Lionel Perez. It believes that it is essential to know how citizens and merchants will be inconvenienced by these measures.

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