Patients cry because it is too hot

Des patients pleurent parce qu’il fait trop chaud

Clara Loiseau

The situation already complicated in NURSING homes became untenable, while the extreme heat of recent days has melted in tears of patients, in addition to smashing records almost everywhere in the province on Wednesday.

“A lot of patients crying [on Tuesday] because of the heat. It was hot, and, today [Wednesday], it is sure that it is even worse, ” said Boguslawa Solski, clerk to the beneficiaries at the Centre Grace Dart extended care Montreal, before the start of his shift Wednesday.

In Montreal, the mercury has climbed to 36.6 °C, which is the 2nd warmest temperature recorded in its history, all months combined. The absolute record is 37.6, August 1, 1975.

“It is an absolute record for the month of may, but even in June, we had never reached it. It is really exceptional. Because even in the summer, there are rarely temperatures too hot, explained André Cantin, meteorologist at Environment Canada. It is breaking records almost everywhere in the south-west of Quebec. “

Its own fan

To fight this extreme heat, Boguslawa Solski think to bring his own fan in the house and ask his colleagues to do the same.

She confessed to having ” difficulty breathing “, while employees ‘ work is complicated by the protection equipment and the heat.

According to it, the government would have had to send air conditioners in NURSING homes long ago.

Volunteer at the CHSLD Vigi Mont-Royal, where his mother, Randall Dagenais is out of the building with the shirt soaked through with sweat.

“I swear to you, this is wet “, he started twisting his shirt.

Sweat in the eyes

“Droplets [fall] in the eyes, this is not obvious,” he continued, adding that the use of protective equipment, such as the mask, does not help to cool off.

With the heat wave, Mrs. Solski is also expected that there is a lack of employees.

“I have a friend who has taken leave today, and on Wednesday two other people took the day off because of the heat “, she said.

The situation is not likely to improve before this weekend, while very warm temperatures are expected today and tomorrow.

“What we had [Wednesday], we might very well approach it [Thursday],” according to meteorologist André Cantin.

–With Hugo Duchaine

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