Patrick Roy will not fight Yanick Jean

Patrick Roy will not fight Yanick Jean


Yanick Jean laughs when asked if he takes Patrick Roy at his word when he says he has no intention of chasing the career record of 589 victories held by Richard Martell. “I don't think he's going to do a Dominique Michel or a Tom Brady of himself! »

Reminder of the facts: Sunday evening, after the Remparts' 5-2 victory against the Océanic, Roy was asked whether, after reaching the milestone of 500 career victories, he intended to try to s attacking the record of Martel who had challenged him in a nice video presented before the game.

“Don't forget one thing: if you want to be the most successful coach in the League of major junior hockey in Quebec, you're missing 90 and you know who has them! “, had mentioned the former rival of Roy with the Saguenéens of Chicoutimi.

After the meeting, Roy had burst out laughing when he was told about Martel's appearance on the giant screen at the Videotron Center, along with several other speakers who had congratulated him on the feat.

< p>“I won't go that far [590 wins]. Sometimes you have to make room for others, right? […] Probably it is Yanick [Jean] who is going to be the coach who is going to have the most victories eventually. He's still here for a while and he's doing such a good job with them,” mentioned the Remparts driver.


< p>Obviously, there is nothing very surprising in this declaration of Roy. Firstly, it has been clear for a few months that this was most likely his last season at the helm of the Remparts, and secondly, Jean currently ranks third in history with 554 career wins and he does not is therefore only 45 from Martel's absolute record.

“It's not something I think about. It is certain that when we reach plateaus as has been the case in the last few months, when we catch up with one, then another, people tell you about it. Maybe one day I'll get there, but it's not something that keeps me up at night,” said the head coach of the Chicoutimi Saguenéens in a telephone interview with Le Journal. , Monday.


Still, it seems like a matter of time for the 47-year-old hockey man to become the winningest coach in league history. However, he won't make it personal until then.

“As a coach, we insist that it's all about the team and the chemistry and far from me. idea of ​​wanting to put my personal interests before the team. I have no ego there. However, I am aware of one thing: it is a league rich in history and if I ever get there, it will be a special moment. »

The most successful coaches in the history of the QMJHL

Richard Martel: 589

Guy Chouinard: 569 

Yanick Jean: 554 *

Mario Durocher: 546 

Real Payment: 541&nbsp ;


Patrick Roy: 501*


* Active Trainers