Patriotic Ukrainian game caused a hysterics in rossm

Патриотическая украинская игра вызвала истерику у росСМИ

The game will appear in October.

Russian propagandists are worried due to the fact that in Ukraine there will be a Patriotic Board game for kids “UPA – response unconquered people,” reports the with reference to

The author and developer of this technology is the Institute of national remembrance, who announced her exit on his page in Facebook.

It is noted that the game will be presented to the Day of defender of Ukraine, namely, on 13 October. It will be a continuation of a series of historical Board games, since the first part appeared in 2017 and was called “the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-21. One hundred years of struggle.”

Патриотическая украинская игра вызвала истерику у росСМИ

“In contrast to the first development, the game is about the UPA developed more dynamic, it has elements of tactics and strategy. In addition to learning materials that deepen knowledge about the struggle of the Ukrainian insurgent army against the enemies, the game allows children and adolescents to feel the real commanders of the rebels . This is the first part of the game, which focuses on the struggle of the UPA against the two biggest enemies – the Nazis and Soviet punitive units of the NKVD” – tell the story of the game its authors.

Патриотическая украинская игра вызвала истерику у росСМИ

Perhaps the fact that it has the Ukrainian struggle against this structure of the USSR and angered Russian propagandists.

In particular, the news immediately responded NTV, which has placed her in his Telegram-channel.

Патриотическая украинская игра вызвала истерику у росСМИ

Mouthpiece of the Kremlin is outraged that Ukrainian children are taught to consider the activities of the UPA feat. However, they decided to remind that the structure, which has a history of half a century ago, is still prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

They are also angry due to the fact that young Ukrainians offered to feel the real combat commanders and fighters for independence.

The post gathered many hysterical comments “cotton” audience channel.

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