Patrol awareness on water bodies

Patrouille de sensibilisation sur les plans d’eau

The waterways are a place where carelessness and tragedy often go hand in hand, so that there are three-quarters of drownings in Quebec.

Since the beginning of the season, there are already 35 drownings. At the same date last year, there were 27.

A patrol of awareness special, with the deputy prime minister Geneviève Guilbault, went to the encounter of the boaters on Thursday.

The minister of public Safety wanted to observe the behavior of boaters.

“If one wants to have beautiful anecdotes from the holiday to tell rather than dramas to face, observe the instructions of security,” says Ms. Guilbault.

“In the end, we will check the safety equipment of the boat. We start with the proof of competency, as well as the small vessel licence of the vehicle,” said one of the patrolmen from the Sûreté du Québec.

The latter believes that the police can do eight to 10 operations a day, on week-ends when the weather is inclement.

In Quebec, nearly three-quarters of all drownings occur in natural waters: a river (33%), lake (29%) or the river (8%). Then come the swimming pools of any kind (13%).

Several factors are involved including alcohol and drugs.

The government data published in “highlights on the drowning (2009 – 2015)” also show that the lifejacket is also little worn and often badly worn.

The proportion of victims who were wearing their personal flotation device is only 14%.

“People are respectful of the safety guidelines, so this, this is very encouraging. It remains that, up until now, this year, there was more drowning than at the same date last year. It is dangerous not to follow the rules on a body of water,” concludes the minister Guilbault.

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