Paul (12 o’clock) as a couple ? The champion responds

Paul (Les 12 coups de midi) en couple ? Le champion répond

Paul (12 o’clock) as a couple ? The champion of the issuance of Jean-Luc Reichmann answers

It is a single person that Paul is always presented in The 12 coups de midi TF1. Since its elimination from the game directed by Jean-Luc Reichmann, the champion, has he finally found love ? Is it as a couple ? The former candidate of the show with Asperger’s syndrome has responded to the issue, is confident about his private life today.

Paul is there as a couple or single ?

For The 12 shots of Christmas, which will be broadcast on Saturday 21 December 2019 from 21h05 on TF1, Paul will be back on the set of Jean-Luc Reichmann. On this occasion, the champion 12 coups de midi is entrusted in the pages of TV Big chains, released on Monday, December 9, 2019. The one who wanted to find a woman who is “able to accept” despite his autism (he has Asperger syndrome) has he finally found a shoe to his foot ? The former candidate has confessed that since his visits to the show, “necessarily, there are relations that are created, the people who send you messages”.

Despite these links that could be created with other women, nothing serious came of it. Paul has explained that “it could” but it is not as a couple. Why ? A former member who had been eliminated from the 12 o’clock revealed the reasons for his celibacy by confirming always be a heart to take : “because of the distance, I am not retarded. I’m still single”. The student living in Grenoble would not have been able to find someone who lived near him.

He would like to find someone with whom to talk about everything

Paul confessed to be looking for “someone with whom I could discuss a variety of topics, and that is not to say, ‘what are you talking about'”, “someone who would know things about subjects that interest me a lot”. A person who can talk about everything and anything with him, therefore, who shared interests in common. Jean-Luc Reichmann had then assured that one day he would eventually find it : “I am sure that there must be women who have a desire to know the backgrounds of Paul (…) It’s going to happen one day !”.

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