Paul McCartney – 77! The best sayings of the great musician

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Полу Маккартни - 77! Лучшие высказывания великого музыканта

Paul McCartney

British musician Paul McCartney, who for the first time in 36 years headed the Billboard, June 18, celebrates his birthday. The star takes 77 years! Paul McCartney is not only a phenomenal voice and talent, but also the ability to accurately speak his language. We recall his most vivid statements about music, life, love and friends.

Watch the video about how Paul McCartney spent the weekend in police:

Best quotes by Paul McCartney

We don’t learn to be artists or writers — we learn to be.


Always want to prove something is a stupid thing.


I am proud that my soul is a brand of rock-n-roll!


I used to think that the one that does something unusual — a freak. Now I know that only he is the real weirdo who calls chudesami other.


Fame is like a bad dream: you can’t get out of it, but you did it and spawned.


Someone said to me, “the Beatles same anti-materialists”. It’s a great myth. Earlier we used to sit down with John and say, “Well, let’s write a swimming pool”.


In the end, the love you take equal to the love you create.


No matter that everywhere was a sense — funny, well, okay!


Recall that in 2018, the portal NME has compiled a rating of the richest musicians in the UK. The leader of the list became a co-founder of the band The Beatles Paul McCartney with wife Nancy Shevell.

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