Paul Piché revisits the 80s

Paul Piché revisits the 80s


Paul Piché has a heart full of nostalgia. After touring Quebec with a tour celebrating his 40 years of career, the songwriter celebrates on stage the 35 years of his album On the way to fires >. For his Montreal premiere, Friday, at the Outremont Theater, the singer served a very pleasant throwback to “ this funny time ” what the 1980s were like.

A sandcastle, On my skin, I call, Because I love you. All of these songs played profusely on the radio waves in the 1980s, and sometimes even today.

After experiencing immense success in the 1970s, Paul Piché was visibly all fired up to write this record in 1988. The album would quickly strike a chord with the Quebec public and would receive platinum certification ( more than 100,000 copies sold).

Accompanied by his faithful acolytes, Rick Haworth (guitar), Mario Légaré (bassist) and Pierre Hébert (drums), who were in the studio with him 35 years ago , Paul Piché decided to revisit these compositions which are still just as good today.

For this new lap, in addition to his three accomplices, Piché added on stage Pierre ” Pedro ” Bélisle (keyboards) and songwriter Chloé Lacasse (percussion, choir).

Generous with the public

It's through the crowd , at the back of the floor, that Paul Piché appeared at the start of the concert. “Thanks for being there, everyone, really!” he launched.

“Fire is feared, but revered at the same time. There are the fires of war, but also the bonfires. There is the burning passion of love. There is the spark that rekindles the flame. Follow me, come with us On the way to the fires. »

Visibly in good shape, not to say “on fire”, Paul Piché put the public in his small back pocket with an inspired, felt, intimate and warm performance.

Very generous between the pieces, he sometimes described at length the creation of certain titles, including J'appelle< /em>. 

“At first I wanted to talk about me being hurt. Finally, it was a wolf! Nature spoke to me. It was in 1988. Today, nature is crying out to us. »

Three classics

Of course, Paul Piché was not going to completely forget the songs from his other albums. From his very first album, Who owns the good weather?, he played three songs: There's not much in the sky at night > (which earned him a standing ovation), Happy Spring and My Joe.

Before offering the more recent track Stop, Paul Piché delivered a little committed speech. “Every gesture counts. We feel helpless. We would really like it to stop, pollution, war, social injustice or… lies in politics. I think the war will stop before! »

Paul Piché presents his tour On the way to the fires everywhere in Quebec.