Pause in the Premier League of Ukraine on football: who and how filled?

Пауза в Прем'єр-лізі України з футболу: хто і як заповнив?

Photo: FC Olimpik

About different approaches to the same situation

Over the last decade (approximately) in our football established stable trend: the year is interrupted four times (once in the spring, three in autumn), when their games at the national team. In consequence of this during the weekend not playing tours, as Premier League teams face a dilemma: how to fill the pause in the Championship?

And here there are different approaches, due to the specificity of the vision training process of different mentors.

It is common that players everywhere get a lot of output. However, we see that the multiplicity of practices. In particular, a significant number of teams are limited to training or high – gostronomi.

Others have time to spend sparring, however, often only one. And only some – this time one “Desna” – time to participate in more than one test match, informs a press-service of the Premier League.

The decision of the mentors Chernigov Chernigov logical, since “gums” – “playing” the team that is preparing for the games through the matches:

Пауза в Прем'єр-лізі України з футболу: хто і як заповнив?

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