Pavel Shilko said about the finalists of the national selection: These songs never win Eurovision

Павел Шилько высказался о финалистах Нацотбора: Такие песни никогда не выигрывают Евровидение

Pavel Shilko

today, 19:39

February 22, Ukraine will choose its representative for Eurovision 2020. During the final of the National selection assessments from jury and televoting will determine the winner.

Six participants will compete for the chance to go to Rotterdam, where in may he will contest. It KRUTЬ, Jerry Heil, Go_A, David Axelrod, KHAYAT and TVORCHI.

Павел Шилько высказался о финалистах Нацотбора: Такие песни никогда не выигрывают Евровидение

Finalists of national selection for Eurovision 2020

Znayu talked to Paul Shilko (DJ Pasha), who is the current finalists of the national selection can bring to Ukraine the cherished victory, after Jamala and Ruslana. However, the General producer of the award YUNA admitted that a potential winner among the participants he saw. Read on why.

Павел Шилько высказался о финалистах Нацотбора: Такие песни никогда не выигрывают Евровидение

Pavel Shilko

Paul, let’s analyze the participants of the national selection. Who do you think is the brightest this year?

I believe that the project TVORCHI. Even visually how they look.

Who is the most beautiful song?

Here you need to allocate to multiple categories. The song to be perceived as a tenacious melody, vocal as executed and, in General, as production. It’s three different songs.

Best plays David Axelrod – he is more experienced and it shows. Speaking of hatkoti, it KHAYAT. Due to production – is the such signature song, which in English is called “uptodate” in TVORCHI.

TVORCHI with the song Bonfire

Who, in your look, most likely to win Eurovision 2020 or to take a seat closer to the top three?

Honestly, none! Because ethnics are, of course, very cool – what makes Go_A, but I don’t remember when was the last time ethnics generally won the Eurovision song contest. That is to show yourself that it is something unusual, to stand out, but these songs never win the Eurovision song contest.


Go_A with the song of the Nightingale

Despite the fact that Jerry Heil is able to create very hit songs compared to other songs, but this less hit and definitely would not have won.

Jerry Heil with the song Vegan

KRUTЬ bright be made because stands out: the song is beautiful, and she combined with this bandura, but it is also not a winner.

KRUTЬ with the song 99

From David Axelrod typical beautiful song for the Eurovision song contest. It is somewhere in the top 10 or top 7, but not a winner. I test it for the last 10-12 years have won.

David Axelrod song of the Horizon

KHAYAT – are not. For our national selection is one of the highest quality and grip tracks, but these will be on Eurovision at least a dozen, this level, like done and not worse sung. Therefore, no one.

KHAYAT with the song Call For Love

And TVORCHI – no. Due to production quality is in Europe already, despite the fact that the Eurovision song contest, some countries still slag bring. Well, due to the fact that experience is not enough. And there is a large stage, even very experienced people are being lost. Speaking clearly so he (Jeffrey Kenny – lead singer – ed.) will be nervous and not to fall, and if the person misses, Europe is not stupid, for all the beauty of the song and hatkoti, never nepobedimiy people afraid, did not win the Eurovision song contest.

Who are the finalists of the most extraordinary (shocking) party?

For me it’s still Go_Abecause their song really stands out among all. If a folk song with contemporary aesthetics. It is not popular, but done in the style of folk. According to the rules it is impossible. Clearly different from the others.

Whose song is you “went”?

I can’t say that I kind of “went”, because they are all quite different happened. But if, for example, I would at the end of the semifinals put the marks that I would put the smallest? Here I would have said as a listener and as a music expert in this market, as someone who knows the Eurovision song contest. I would probably Go_A put least. From the point of view of the history in Rotterdam to develop.

Павел Шилько высказался о финалистах Нацотбора: Такие песни никогда не выигрывают Евровидение

The national selection for Eurovision 2020

Would you like to be chair of the jury?

Why not? On the other hand, now everything (Andrey Danilko, Tina Karol, Vitaliy Drozdov – ed.) so organic.

Means, one of the members of the jury? I change Vitaliy Drozdov? He is amazingly musical commented, remarkably versed in everything. Every member of the jury carries out its mission: Danilko from the point of view of the show sees Tina on vocals and performance skills pays attention. Replacing Vitalik, given the fact that I have experience on a minimum of ten Eurovision as co-Director, voting Director, consultant, commentator, writer and songwriter, knowing all of this kitchen, I would have their perspective included, and how would it be there in the Eurovision song contest, what are the weaknesses that prevent the artist to show themselves, and what are the strengths that will help convey the song?

I would be looking for what the national selection need? In order to represent Ukraine no matter what it takes place? Or to represent and get at least seven, which is considered very prestigious. I would probably here these criteria were thinking. Not so included in what he says acne, because it is better for him I wouldn’t do that, he is amazingly versed. I would from this point of view.

But this trio I really like it very harmoniously now.

Who among the finalists for the next award YUNA has all chances and potential to become an important player among the nominee, given the fact that Jerry Hale already has three nominations and one at the Hyatt?

I think that the Hyatt is just the beginning, he could well go forward. This niche is open, and he can occupy it. If you look at the history of YUNA, we have in the category “Artist” is always the largest problem because there are two-three leaders and other “flash”. Performers always more.

Now, a growing number of, so, I think Hayat all ahead with YUNA, if he continues to make a quality product.

If TVORCHI will release a new song and it will played, they would be a clear contender for getting into the “discovery of the year”, no matter what place they took in the selection, if not much get too excited, I think they are in the top three will get 100%.

KRUTЬ also will have a chance to get into the “discovery of the year”.

Who, in your opinion, promising for the music market?

YUNA – this is the prism the market. In other words, who I’d produced from them?

KRUTЬ, if you do not stay only with Pandora, but to expand it and to do something interesting, because only in this genre, never left, as it appeared, and fall, that is, it needs to develop.

KHAYAT, who has, let’s say, if we consider the way to start in this business, probably, has passed polistyle exactly, even 60 percent. He needs a little modifying and it will be very promising to go further.

TVORCHI if the guys won’t be upset if they don’t win the selection and will not be lost, it or yourself will continue or someone will pick up, because the picture is beautiful, sound is very interesting, a good tune – basically everything! All you need to little bit modify and it is a ready project that we have in the country.

Julia Abramova

We will remind, to view the final national selection for Eurovision 2020 will be live on the TV channels STB and NTU, as well as on YouTube. Stream will begin on Saturday, February 22 at 19:00.

And ninth awards ceremony YUNA will be held on 24 March 2020, in Kiev Palace “Ukraine”. Tickets are already on sale.

Earlier, the singer Jerry Heil admitted Know.ia, that he decided to change room for the final performances in the national selection.

Jerry Heil also said Know.ia, why put on a dress with ostrich feathers, if you became a vegan.

In addition, Jerry Heil admitted Know.ia, if she feared criticism.

We will add that one of the finalists selection for the Eurovision song contest this year was the husband of Alena Brain David Axelrod. Read what the singer said Know.ia about his competition song.

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