Peaceful atom: scientists have invented a reactor for the production of oxygen

Nuclear plant make carbon dioxide into oxygen that we can breathe

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 07:25

Мирный атом: ученые изобрели реактор для добычи кислорода

The invention physicists will help to overcome global warming

Scientists from the California Institute of technology said able to solve the main problem of human presence in space. Their revolutionary invention allows you to create oxygen for breathing. For its production we developed a special reactor that can process carbon dioxide (CO2) into molecular oxygen (O2). According to experts, their invention will help combat global warming and to produce oxygen in space, reports the journal Nature Communications.

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Nuclear reactor for the production of oxygen works on the principle of a particle accelerator. First, the CO2 molecules in it are ionized and then accelerated by an electromagnetic field. After the “acceleration” of carbon dioxide out of the gold foil, which breaks down CO2 molecules into molecular oxygen and atomic carbon.

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A trial run of the reactor proved that the concept of oxygen production are indeed possible and may be scalable. Now, the specialists will improve the operation of the installation, because in the current form it has very low efficiency: for every 100 molecules of CO2 it is able to produce about 1-2 molecules of molecular oxygen.

Мирный атом: ученые изобрели реактор для добычи кислорода

The scheme is the splitting of molecules of CO2 in O2

In the future, the reactor can be used to produce oxygen for the astronauts who will fly to the moon, Mars and even beyond our Solar System. On Earth, such installation also can be very useful, because it can reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and to convert them into oxygen, thereby helping in the fight against global climate change.

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We will remind that earlier scientists refused pounds and told that they use instead. In its in Romania, experts have created the real weapon of the Death Star, destroying everything.

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