Pedal Canada with 55 kilos of luggage

Stéphane Reynolds has been training for this event for a year and a half. With a smile on his face, he straddled his bike yesterday to cover Canada from end to end with more than 55 kilos of luggage.
The lawyer by profession took the direction of Saint – Bernard de Beauce. It was the first 185 km of his trip. “The muscles are ready to go,” said the Sherbrookois before taking the road.

The haste prevented him from sleeping well during the days leading up to the big departure. Yesterday’s gray weather did not scare him. “We already drove in worse! “Said his wife Karine L’Heureux, ready to follow Mr. Reynolds in the first kilometers. They and about fifty febrile relatives had gathered at the Das WeltAuto Estrie from 7 am. Several also accompanied the cyclist to the Station Market, where the official departure was.

After greeting everyone, Stéphane Reynolds took the road under the encouragement and a ton of admiration from his friends. He will travel a little over 8800 in total and will be back on July 3rd. A car provided by Das WeltAuto Estrie will accompany him to ensure his safety during part of the trip. The tent and the sleeping bag will be sent to Halifax. At this part of the journey, a little weight and challenges will be added.

Stéphane Reynolds is making this trip to raise money for two causes that are close to his heart: the Sébastien Duchesne Fund (Maison Aube-Lumière) and Autisme Estrie. His goal is $ 25,000.

You can follow his trip and make donations to organizations on the Reyste67 Facebook page and Stéphane Reynolds will publish several news and photos.

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