Pedestrians can again use the multipurpose path on the Jacques Cartier bridge at any time

Les piétons peuvent à nouveau emprunter la piste multifonctionnelle du pont Jacques-Cartier en tout temps

MONTREAL pedestrians have access at all times to the multipurpose path on the Jacques Cartier bridge from this Friday.

Access to this trail for pedestrians had been restricted in April due to the large number of pedestrians and riders observed on this trail during the day, while considering that its narrowness made it difficult to comply with the measures of distancing in pandemic COVID-19. Access to pedestrians had been prohibited between 8 h and 19 h.

There was, however, not been restricted to cyclists, who have been able to continue to use the lane at any time.

In announcing the lifting of the restriction to pedestrians, Friday, the Crown corporation The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (PJCCI) has pointed out that, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, it “asks the users to follow guidelines for social distancing and wearing a mask in the case where the compliance of the two meters would not be possible”.

“Note that the sidewalk and the gazebo will remain closed until further notice,” added the PJCCI.

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