Pediatric surgery in the hot seat, squat threatened, Tarn gorges labeled: the essential news in the region

Pediatric surgery in the hot seat, squat threatened, Tarn gorges labeled: the essential news in the region

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l’essentiel de l’actualité régionale sur

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l’essentiel de l’actualité régionale sur

Positions soon to be eliminated in pediatrics ?

#MONTPELLIER The staff of the pediatric surgery department of the University Hospital were informed of "the deletion of five positions and the closure of three beds. Following a meeting with management, the extent of this reorganization could be reviewed.
The voltage rises.

According to staff, the insufficient occupancy rate was put forward by management to motivate this decision. Parents of hospitalized children have launched a petition against this measure."Management tells us of a deficit of 16 million euros, but on a budget of almost 900 million euros, that's very little. The Montpellier University Hospital is even one of the least deficit in France. Do we want to absorb it partly on the backs of children who have just had surgery?? If this measure passes, it will result in a drop in service activity&quot ;, questions the CGT.

L’Unsa, also mobilized, awaits a meeting with management that Midi Libre was unable to contact.

Nonagenarian slit throat: the suspect wants to get out of prison

#GARDThe case of the former mayor of Canaules-et-Argentières who had her throat slit by a Great Dane on May 28 in the Quissac cemetery, saw new legal developments this Wednesday, June 12 with the request for the release of the breeder under investigation for involuntary homicide.

Three other suspects are indicted and are placed under judicial supervision, including an employee of the breeder who initially said that the victim had been attacked by a stray dog. Furthermore, the breeder is suspected in a case of kidnapping against a mechanic. The Court of Appeal must render its decision this Friday, June 14.

The squat sold at auction

#NÎMESA former disused hammam in Valdegour, which has become a refuge for a hundred young migrants over the past year and a half, will be auctioned on June 27. On site, concern is palpable among associations, the local population and young migrants, whose future is now more than uncertain.

The owner wants to recover her property because she is in receivership. In front of the future buyers of the site, whose visits were planned for this Wednesday, the volunteers wish to show a collective determination to be present with these young people.

The Tarn Gorges labeled

#LOZÈRE/AVEYRON They have been waiting for this for twenty years. After hard work, the Grand Site de France label has finally been obtained for the Tarn, Jonte and Causses Gorges. The official ceremony took place on Tuesday, June 11 at Point Sublime. The surface area labeled Grand Site de France exceeds that of the 2002 classification.

These are now 82 145 ha inclusive, compared to only 20 171 ha of classified site in 2002. "The projects carried out must make it possible to control the attendance and manage the flow of tourists, recalled Louis Villaret, president of the Grands Sites de France network. The inhabitants must feel at home, mass tourism must be avoided."

The number of the day: 50 405

#OCCITANIE This is the number of first and final year students at the Montpellier academy who take the baccalaureate this year. The youngest is 14 years old, the oldest 54 years old.

For the first ones, the anticipated French tests will take place this Friday, June 14. The final years attack with philosophy on Tuesday June 18. The grand oral is scheduled between June 24 and July 3. The results will be revealed on Monday July 8.

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