Pégoulade in Nîmes, too many second homes, Montpellier united… the essential news in the region

Pégoulade in Nîmes, too many second homes, Montpellier united... the essential news in the region

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The port of Sète at auction

#PHOTOS – Monday May 27, two photos of the port of Sète will be auctioned in Touraine, at the Château d’Artigny by the Rouillac House. The photos, signed by the famous photographer Gustave Le Gray, will be put on sale among other valuable objects, including François Hollande's famous scooter, Picassos, Renoirs… The two photos, therefore dated from the mid-19th century, represent ships inside the marina of “Ce”. One photo estimated between 3,000 and 4,000 euros, the other between 2,500 and 3,000 euros. But prices could rise…

Today’s figure: 38

#LOZERE – This is the number of editions of the Trèfle Lozérien, a famous classic of enduro motorcycles. From Friday May 17 to Sunday May 19, 592 drivers will line up at the start of the events. Two participants in the Dakar 2024 will be present: Martin Bonnet and Loïc Minaudier. On the sidelines of the sporting competition which crosses natural treasures, Tarn gorges, Aubrac, numerous activities will be held at Place du Foirail in Mende, in the fan-zone.

Montpellier Reine aims for a million euros

#BREAST CANCER- One million euros is the challenge that the organizers of the Montpellier Reine are taking on this year. This solidarity race against breast cancer brings together thousands of participants each year with the aim of raising funds. This year, it will take place on a 4.8 km course in the streets of Montpellier on Sunday May 26, Mother's Day. "It’has become a tradition, an unmissable event", rejoices Barbara Plastre Glast, president of Montpellier Reine which will celebrate its fifteen years of existence. "If the participation is the same as last year, we will reach the sum of one million euros donated over five years", hopes the president. This year, the godmother of the solidarity event is the actress Ariane Brodier and the godfather the designer Dadou. You can register on the website www.montpellier-reine.org at the price of 20 euros for adults and 15 euros for students.

Place à la Pégoulade

#FERIA DE NÎMES – This Thursday, May 16, from 8:30 p.m., true to tradition, the Pentecost feria of Nîmes presents his pégoulade. With 600 participants and 12 floats weighing more than 600 kg, the parade promises to be grandiose! The Camargue will be at the heart of the show with a tribute to the gypsy people, the pink flamingos and the Provençal bull, without forgetting the famous Nîmes crocodile. Schoolchildren from fourteen establishments in Nîmes will be at the party. "There is a real desire to involve the younger generations on this theme of the Camargue", specifies the festivities assistant of the City of Nîmes. Performances are expected: musicians, dancers, majorettes… and a crowd of spectators.

Secondary homes: mayors alert

#HERAULT – Mayors of small towns in Haut-Languedoc are sounding the alarm about the proportion of second homes on their territory. For example, according to INSEE, 70% of housing in Cambon-et-Salvergues, the Béziers hinterland, are secondary homes. For the mayor of Fraïsse-sur-Agout, "this is too much. We are reaching the end of this tourist reception policy that we have pursued for more than fifty years". Same observation for Pierre Bailly, the mayor of Soulié: "We absolutely must find solutions to retain residents and bring in others if we do not want to disappear." These mayors are therefore thinking about other development projects, such as photovoltaics, in particular via the France Ruralités plan.

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