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Pelosi trip to Taiwan could cause friction with China

Pelosi trip to Taiwan could cause friction with China


U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Asian trip could draw China's wrath if she makes a stop in Taiwan, as she previously mentioned will .

If she does not change her plans, she would be the first person in the position to visit the small Asian country in 25 years. Republican Newt Gingrich had stopped in Taiwan.

However, the Chinese political system has changed over the past 10 years, in particular with the election of Xi Jinping as head of the country, believes the former ambassador of the Canada in China, Guy Saint-Jacques.

“Their number one priority is bringing Taiwan back into Chinese hands. So, if [Mme Pelosi] goes there, it is clear that they will protest strongly and they could take measures to prevent him from going, ”explained the specialist in an interview on LCN.

He also notes that China is in a [delicate period] politically as Xi Jinping's term is soon to expire. So, if he wants to stay in power, “he cannot show weakness”, mentioned Mr. Saint-Jacques, who added, however, that an attack on the plane of the President of the American Congress could be synonymous with a declaration of war.

A dilemma for the United States

This is where a dilemma arises for American politicians since, d on the one hand, we want to support Taiwanese democracy, and, on the other hand, to ensure the safety of Ms. Pelosi and avoid a war with China.

Based on democratic values, “ Taiwan is a perfect example of a democracy that works well, so we have to come to their aid,” said Guy Saint-Jacques.

In addition, the United States is very dependent on Taiwan, which produces microchips used in cars and electronic objects sold in the country of Uncle Sam. This is why the country is currently preserving the status quo, because if Taiwan were to be taken over by China, the United States United would be in a “very vulnerable” position, the former ambassador said.

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