Penn Badgley : 5 things you never knew (maybe) not on the star You

Penn Badgley : 5 choses que vous ne saviez (peut-être) pas sur la star de You

Penn Badgley : 5 things you never knew (maybe) not on the star You

After playing Dan Humphrey for 6 seasons of Gossip Girl, Penn Badgley is back in a role less glam : one of the stalker Joe Golberg in You that season 2 is available this Thursday, December 26, on Netflix. But do you actually know the actor ? Here are 5 things that you do not know can not be on him.

1. He failed to say no to You

Last year, Penn Badgley has fascinated us and made a pinball machine embodying in You the role of Joe Goldberg, a young man completely obsessed who did not hesitate to stalker his girlfriend… and even kill. A leaden figure which has not always appealed to the actor. During the release of season 1 on Netflix, Penn Badgley had explained that it had failed to refuse to play in the series because of that. “At the beginning, I didn’t want to do. It was too much. I was in disagreement with the nature of this role.” he explained to Entertainment Weekly. What convinced him ? Get away from the character to see the series as a whole and compare it to a social experience. “I knew that I would be in conflict with this character from the first to the last day and it is for this reason that they (the creators, editor’s note) thought that I would be good for this role, because I wasn’t overwhelmed at the idea of playing a person like this,” admits Penn Badgley, who has not hesitated to tackle the fans a little too addicted to Joe.

2. A gifted student

As soon as its 11 years old, Penn Badgley has decided to go to live in Hollywood to pursue an acting career. But he has not left his studies aside, far from it even ! And for good reason : he was only 14 years old when he graduated high school ! He then enrolled in the caf in Santa Monica but had to wait a bit before pursuing further graduate studies because of a professional commitment. In the end, it is in Portland that he has been at the university for two years.

3. He is married

Penn Badgley is not a heart to take. He has had a relationship with Blake Lively during the filming of Gossip Girl but is now a married man. He attended the singer Domino Kirke (sister of Jemima Kirke aka Jessa in Girls) since 2014 and they said yes in February 2017.

4. He didn’t like the character of Dan in Gossip Girl

If he is not a fan of Joe Goldberg, Penn Badgley do not like Dan, the character he played in” Gossip Girl. Even if it is him that was in fact the “villain” of the series, the actor was struggling with the side too smooth and kind of the darling of Serena. “Up to the role of Joe, everyone thought I was a nice boy. I think that’s really what I’m frustrated.” says Penn Badgley. However, it is not 100% against a return in the reboot of the series in preparation for HBOMax.

5. He is also a singer

The comedy is not the only talent of Penn Badgley because he is also a singer ! Since 2014, he is a member of the band MOTHXR, to which he devoted himself before returning to the tv in You. The group released an album in 2016. Penn Badgley sings but also plays the piano. Check out one of their singles :

Penn Badgley sings in the clip of the single from her grope Mothxr

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