Pension reform in France: a 14th and perhaps last day of mobilization on Tuesday

Pension reform in France: a 14th and perhaps last mobilization day Tuesday


 Maybe the last time will be the right one? The unions are calling on Tuesday for a 14th day of mobilization against the pension reform, two days before the examination in Parliament of a bill to repeal the reform. 

Some 250 actions are planned in France, which should bring together 400,000 to 600,000 people, including 40,000 to 70,000 in Paris, according to the authorities.

Strikes are announced among electricians and gas workers as well as in rail and air transport, with in particular a third of flights canceled from Paris-Orly.

In Paris, the demonstration will leave from Les Invalides at 2 p.m. , towards Place d'Italie. The unions will hold their press point in front of the National Assembly, symbolically marking the link with the day on Thursday.

The inter-union again called on the deputies on Tuesday to vote on the Liot group's bill canceling the postponement of the retirement age to 64.

But the text has been emptied of its substance on Wednesday, after the removal in the Social Affairs Committee of the key article on age measurement. And if amendments have been tabled to restore this article, the President of the Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet has already warned that she will invoke Article 40 of the Constitution to declare them inadmissible.

If so, it will be “a pure democratic scandal”, thundered in the columns of the JDD the general secretary of the CGT, Sophie Binet. For her, “there is still time” for the President of the Republic to “find his reason and renounce this reform”.

Guest of BFMTV and Parisien< /em> Sunday, she called “solemnly” Mrs. Braun-Pivet “to let the deputies vote” on this text, specifying that she had asked her for “a quick meeting” without response at this stage.

“A popular pressure”

Mr. Berger, who will leave office on June 21, however, seemed to acknowledge the defeat of the unions, saying that “of course […] the text will apply when the time comes”.

A fifteenth could protest day be decided after June 8th? Without excluding it, the number 2 of the CFDT Marylise Léon prefers not to answer for the time being. “The rest will depend on what happens in the National Assembly and the mobilization of June 6, which we hope will be massive,” she told L'Humanité on Friday.

The president of the CFTC, Cyril Chabanier, had said in mid-May that June 8 would probably be “the last fight” of his union.

For his part, the coordinator of insubordinate France, Manuel Bompard called on Sunday to “increase the level of popular pressure” on June 6 to convince the President of the Assembly not to oppose the examination of the measure to repeal the retirement age at 64.

In any case, the government is trying to turn the page. The first two implementing decrees for the law promulgated in mid-April, the most important of which, the one gradually raising the legal age from 62 to 64, were published in the Official Journal on Sunday.

Mrs. let it be known that his union would track down any “legal loophole” to attack the 31 decrees.

After having received the unions within the framework of bilateral meetings on May 15 and 16, the executive plans to organize a ” multilateral meeting in the coming weeks to set (with employers and unions) a work agenda for the coming months,” Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne told Ouest-France this week.

Without turning the page on pensions, the inter-union began to work for common proposals, moving from a “defensive” posture to a more “offensive” attitude, according to Simon Duteil (Solidaires).It widened its slogan of demonstration, calling on the employees to mobilize to “win the withdrawal of the reform” and “obtain social progress.”