People and animals: MPs stood up to protect wild animals

Люди и звери: народные депутаты встали на защиту диких животных

The Verkhovna Rada registered the bill (#8256), prohibiting the use of wild and domestic animals as live bait in training dogs and birds of prey to hunt. The document’s authors — members of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Sergei Caplin, Alexander Sugonyako and Konstantin Isakin — believe that the methods that are practiced today in Ukraine in the training of hunting dogs, do not meet the requirements of a humane and developed society.

“Ukraine is one of the few countries where it is allowed training of dogs for hunting with the use of wild animals as live bait. Often such preparations, called in the language of specialists “pritravka”, is frankly barbaric in nature… In the process of training wild animals get seriously injured, maimed and often killed. To a great predator did not cause injury to the dog during training, animals maim, rip out their claws, teeth, starved, or exposed to hard drugs”, — stated in the explanatory note to the bill.

The authors of the document propose to introduce administrative responsibility for the preparation of dogs prohibited methods. In the case of the adoption of the bill, offenders will face a fine from 3,400 to 11 900 hryvnia.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the parliamentary Committee on agrarian policy and land relations has recommended to adopt the bill (No. 3871) banning the use of palm oil in food production.

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