“People fell in love with her” actors “Diesel Show” shared unique shots with the deceased Marina Poplavskaya

"Люди влюблялись в нее": актеры "Дизель Шоу" поделились уникальными кадрами с погибшей Мариной Поплавской

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Famous Ukrainian comedians from “Diesel Show” who suffered in a terrible accident, slowly but very confidently recovered and returned to his favorite work. It is worth noting that their motto in the new round was the phrase “Marina with us” – in memory of a deceased colleague, Marina Poplavskaya. Actors from the core team shared in the network previously unreleased footage with Marina.

This became known thanks to new publications of actors in the network Instagram.

"Люди влюблялись в нее": актеры "Дизель Шоу" поделились уникальными кадрами с погибшей Мариной Поплавской

Actors “Diesel Show” with Marina Poplavskaya, Nikolaev news

In social networks actors uploaded videos of the secret life of Marina and her rehearsals:

It is worth to remind our readers of the fact that on 20 October 2018 had been a terrible accident, which killed actress Marina Poplavskaya. This afternoon about 6:00 in Kiev the bus with the artists “Diesel Show” crashed into the truck. It is known that Marina died on the spot, as the brunt of the collision fell on the right front of the bus — she was completely crushed by the truck.

Professional actress, Marina was not and she was very proud of the fact that prior to going on stage for 23 years she worked at the school, where he taught Ukrainian language and literature.

“I love children, the school, the atmosphere in it and can’t live without it… so many images I spy here. Very bright the resulting image colorful headmistress in the sketch show “For three”, based on my first school teacher Nadezhda Konstantinovna Bezyazykov,” — said Marina.

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