People’s artist of USSR Galina Volchek turned out to be the grandmother of twins Alla Pugacheva

Народная артистка СССР Галина Волчек оказалась бабушкой двойняшек Аллы Пугачевой

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Famous Russian pop singer Alla Pugacheva long time friends with actress, teacher and Director Galina Volchek. She even invited the Diva to play something in the theater. And today on the legendary stage show, “Bench” Shine eldest daughter of Alla.

Народная артистка СССР Галина Волчек оказалась бабушкой двойняшек Аллы Пугачевой

Alla Pugacheva

So, Volchek just loves twins Diva Lisa and Harry. The singer in his Instagram account repeatedly posted pictures of children and Galina. The pictures she signed briefly.

“With his beloved grandmother Galya”, she said under the post.

Also has a video where Lisa asks whether aching leg, the actress, who has been confined to a wheelchair. Volchek says that hurts. At this, Harry notes that you can’t smoke. Galina, in turn, promises to obey him.

Two years ago Volchek and Pugachev spent the summer in Latvia. Then the press have seen pictures of the touching farewell of children with the actress. They gently kissed on the cheek three long and waved her hand goodbye.

It should be noted that Lisa and Harry called Volchek “grandma Galey,” but their grandmother Zinaida’s Arhipovna there for 33 years.

Recall that the first nanny of the children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin Lisa and Harry Valentina Yudina has died at age 54 after a long battle with cancer.

As reported by the portal Znayu husband of Alla Pugacheva Maxim Galkin posted a funny series of photos, reminding the fans looked like 22 years ago.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the air one of the programs on Russian television Nadezhda Romanova, who worked in the house of Alla Pugacheva has told, how the life in the house of the prima Donna. Also, the woman expressed her gratitude to the family of the artist.

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