PEQ: Quebec has relaxed its reform for immigrant students

PEQ: Québec assouplit sa réforme pour les étudiants immigrants

Quebec softens up the reform of its Program of the quebec experience (PEQ) to allow immigrant students who have graduated this year to benefit from the rules of the current regime.

The announcement was made on Thursday by the new Immigration minister, Nadine Girault.

The first version of this reform, this fast track for students to obtain their permanent residence had been heavily criticized last fall.

Now, the foreign students already present on the territory of Quebec and who have obtained a diploma eligible for the PEQ or that shall obtain it prior to 31 December 2020 will be able to submit an application in accordance with the conditions already in force.

Those who will be graduating after this date must, however, comply with the new conditions.

It is, therefore, a reform that remains “insulting” to the people from immigration, considers an alliance of student associations, in a news release issued Thursday.

“Despite this adjustment, a major issue remains : all the people who do diplôment not before this date and who have come to Québec with the intention of using the PEQ to be established here easily will not have this opportunity. These people will see their life project to be significantly affected by this half-measure “, have written jointly to the student Federation collégiale du Québec, the student Union of the Quebec and the body Force youth.

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