Percy Jackson : new films at the cinema ? The author and the fans are mobilizing

Percy Jackson : de nouveaux films au cinéma ? L'auteur et les fans se mobilisent

Percy Jackson : new films at the cinema ? The author and the fans are mobilizing

Percy Jackson will he get a second chance to shine in the cinema ? And why not. Rick Riordan – the author of the saga literature, and the fans are currently being used on Twitter in order to convince Disney to launch such a project.

New movies Percy Jackson ?

After a first film adaptation more than mixed between 2010 and 2013 (it has never had an end), the saga of the literary Percy Jackson she will soon have the right to a new chance ? It is possible. In any case, it is the wish of Rick Riordan, the author of these cultissimes books.

On Twitter, the writer has disclosed his ambition for the coming years : “I have nothing to announce, but I am currently in Los Angeles to try to convince the minds of the studios that this project must become a reality for you, the fans. Your enthusiasm on the Internet is a help. #DisneyAdaptezPercyJackson“.

The fans are mobilizing

Good news for the dad of Percy, his message has not gone unnoticed. In a few hours, hundreds of thousands of messages have already started appearing on Twitter, through which the fans talk about their excitement about it, and are attempting, through the use of the famous hashtag, to convince Disney to give a new chance to this story.

Will they be heard ? Difficult to say for the moment, but the reasons to believe exist. While the hype around this project are continuing, still not at the time of writing this article, it should be remembered that Disney has achieved record revenues at the box-office this year, and the studio, which has no problem of money, has recently launched Disney+, its streaming platform, which is in desperate need of content to combat Netflix.

Then of course, Percy Jackson and SVOD it is a dream in cinema, but when we discovered The Mandalorian (Star Wars series) or projects related to Marvel expected to be on the site, we quickly understand that budgets are not limited, and the quality is therefore possible.

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