Perfect image: Elena Zelensky in the United States have conquered the pale blue outfit

The first lady of Ukraine appeared in a stylish three-piece suit

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Идеальный образ: Елена Зеленская в США покорила нежно-голубым нарядом

Elena Zelensky

As befits the wife of the President, the first lady accompanies Vladimir Zelensky in all official trips abroad. So, Elena recently place with the head of state went to the United States, where he was spotted in a beige pantsuit.

Vladimir Zelensky visited Canada. The details in the story:

On the second day of his visit to America, Elena had the opportunity to participate in the annual first ladies lunch Fashion 4 Development. For a formal event wife Zelensky dressed in your favorite format clothes – pant suits. It should be noted that soft blue hue accented the beauty of the first lady. Your business and laconic outfit Zelensky was decorated with delicate earrings-pendants.

“Had the opportunity to participate in the annual first ladies lunch Fashion 4 Development in support of the Millennium development Goals of the UN and to join the celebration of the representatives of the fashion industry for their contribution to the achievement of global sustainable development Goals. I Express my deep respect and sincere congratulations to the nominees!” – wrote first lady of Ukraine.

Before that the wife of Vladimir Zelensky shocked the American public in a discreet and feminine suit. For a visit to the Ukrainian Institute of America Elena wearing a black skirt, decorating your way a bright pink jacket and pumps.

We will remind that recently the first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelensky, Kiev impressed the audience with a stylish way in embroidery.

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