Perfectly healthy infant dies from COVID-19

Perfectly healthy infant dies of COVID-19

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COVID-19 claimed its youngest victim in Quebec, an infant less than two months old who breathed his last at Sainte-Justine hospital on Thursday.

The establishment announced the terrible news on Friday evening in a press release. The child, whose sex was not specified, was nevertheless “in good health at birth”, indicated the Center hospitalier universitaire (CHU) Sainte-Justine.

He has recently hospitalized in intensive care after contracting COVID-19 before succumbing Thursday. No other details have been communicated by the hospital.

According to the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec, this is the first person under the age of 9 to die of COVID-19 in Quebec. The youngest was a 16-year-old teenager, who died in April, who presented with significant co-morbidities. & Nbsp;

Julie St-Pierre. Pediatrician

“& nbsp; It's terrible,” responded pediatrician Julie St-Pierre, who works primarily in intensive care for babies at the McGill University Health Center. It is appalling to me. I have no words for the situation the parents are going through right now. & Nbsp; “

At risk

Until about two months of age, toddlers have not fully developed their antibodies, which makes them more at risk for various illnesses, she points out.

“& nbsp; This is what is most fragile, the barrier with the brain, it is very small. It's very easy for viruses, for bacteria to enter the meninges, to trigger very serious inflammatory reactions “, adds Dr. St-Pierre.

Yet few young children have been severely affected by COVID-19 so far. The CHU Saint-Justine did not disclose whether the child had a variant. & Nbsp;

“& nbsp; What is to be feared at this stage is really [.. .] be it Omicron & nbsp; “, she says.

Vaccine booster

At the moment, the exact effects of the Omicron variant are still to be determined, except for the fact that it is very contagious. & nbsp;

This variant of the disease would be more virulent than the others for young people under 5, according to scientists from Africa South, as reported by the media The Daily Beast .

After 60 years and over, this age group would be the second to stand out in hospitalizations, according to the site .

This death confirms the importance of rapidly vaccinating young people aged 5 and under, believes André Veillette, researcher in immunology. & nbsp;

“& nbsp; It shows that everyone world: adults, children, the very old, everyone is vulnerable with this virus & nbsp; “, maintains M. & nb sp; Veillette.

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