Performance, debate and conversation about happiness: the interesting events of the second day “Book Arsenal”

Visitors to the main book events Ukraine offers exhibitions, music, performances and books

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Перформанс, дискуссия и разговор о счастье:  интересные события второго дня "Книжного Арсенала"

In Kiev began the Book Arsenal

In Kiev began “Book Arsenal“. Until may 26, 2019 at the mystetskyi Arsenal visitors and ardent book lovers not only waiting for news from publishers, and various events.

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We have selected for you some of the highlights of the second day “Book Arsenal“, which is worth a visit and see with your own eyes.

Before lunch the visitors can buy books and attend autograph sessions, and after lunch they are waiting for a rich program of the second day “Book Arsenal“.

About food and literature that unite people, will speak during special programs Elena Brichenko on the culture of neighboring peoples. Talking about gastronomy will be held on may 23.

Перформанс, дискуссия и разговор о счастье:  интересные события второго дня "Книжного Арсенала"

Where to go to “Book Arsenal”

16:00 – discussion “the Other Ukraine: how we see ourselves?” with the participation of the writer Artem Chapaev, journalists Catherine Sergatskova and Olesia Yaremchuk.

Meanwhile on the street scene will last is musical-poetic performance of the Duo “Trouble” and musical performance “rozdelov / Poetry / Music /” with the participation of Serhiy Zhadan.

At 15:00 in the cinema to see the documentary “Gromadsky” about how young people go to the polls and attached to socio-political processes under the name “Babysitter of the President.” Each participant received his “ward” – presidential candidate, who became the main object of the observations in the next few months. Thus, the characters become a kind of “nannies”.

At 17:00 Director General of the Institute of the study of happiness in Copenhagen and one of the world’s leading experts in the field of happiness Mick the Viking will tell you the secrets of happiness. The results of the research he shared in his books “the Little book of hygge. How to live well in Danish” and “the Little book of Luke. Secrets of the happy people in the world”, which became known bestsellers.

At 18:00 Totem Young Ensemble and artistic Director of Totem Dance Christina Shishkarev will present the performance “SEC” on the occasion of the publication of the eponymous book by Oleksandr Mykhed. After the performance there will be a talk “Poetry as non-fiction”.

20:00 start programme Love Morozova “Imaginary dances” is a musical-theatrical performance based on the works of David lang’s “The little match girl passion” / “the Passion for the little match girl” performed by the vocal ensemble of contemporary music Alter Ratio and with the participation of Director Dmitry Kostomukshskogo.

Completed the second day of the “Book Arsenal” an evening of music at the bar. On Thursday you can hear saxophone, synthesizer, effects, improvisation from the Ghost Cities.

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