Permanent retirement or not? Tom Brady speaks out

Permanent retirement or not? Tom Brady speaks out


Since Tom Brady announced his retirement in February, not a day has gone by without a rumor of him returning to the field. The quarterback who claims seven Super Bowl titles has just put an end to speculation once again…until next time!

In the past few weeks, Brady has found himself in the news again. The former Patriots and Buccaneers decided to invest to become a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders. 

It was enough for several fans and members of the media to stipulate that a return to play was imminent.

The Raiders signed quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in March, but news that he required surgery on his left foot has cast doubt. The veteran's contract stipulates that if this injury suffered last season with the 49ers should prevent him from playing, the Raiders could terminate the contract without penalty.

So many have made the connection. Brady could return to replace him, who is very familiar with the system of play of head coach Josh McDaniels, who was his offensive coordinator for the Patriots for a long time.

Via a podcast broadcast on the Sports Illustrated website, journalist Robin Lundberg asked him what he thinks of all these people who are constantly concocting return to play plans.

“I am sure that I won't play anymore,” Brady said. I tried to clear things up and I hate having to do it again because I've told many people this many times already.”

At FOX next year

Brady also reiterated that he would indeed be in the analyst chair reserved for him by the FOX network from the 2024 season, on the basis of a 10-year contract for 375 million.

“I look forward to falling into this job next year. I'm also happy to get an opportunity with the Raiders. We are in this process right now, along with many other things in my professional and personal life. 

“I try to spend as much time as possible with my children. I see them grow and I support them in the different things they are going through. It's a very important job that I take very seriously,” he said. of the team to become a minority owner. The goal was then to get him back on the field. Some therefore concluded that the Raiders' approach was the same.

Before officially becoming part of the Raiders Owners Group, Brady will need an affirmative vote from at least 24 of the 32 owners of the Raiders. teams. It's a step that looks like a formality, especially if he takes care to affirm loud and clear that he will not return to the game.

But hey, in light of Brady's clear words , this scenario is more fantasy than reality. Until the next inevitable rumours…