Perrier reassures, the pride crowd in Montpellier, green label for Frontignan… the essential news in the region

Perrier reassures, the pride crowd in Montpellier, green label for Frontignan... the essential news in the region

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Chaque soir à 20 h 30, retrouvez les 5 informations régionales de la journée qu'il ne fallait pas rater.

More than 15,000 people at the Pride March

#MONTPELLIER –  This Saturday, June 15, under the banners of the city of Montpellier, among the first to take action and cause for LGBTQIA + people, 15,000 people marched, danced, sang, exulted for the 31st Pride March, on the theme “Revolted”. Like every year, many collectives responded alongside Fierté Montpellier Pride volunteers to bring the atmosphere to the streets of Montpellier. In the middle of the rainbow-colored floats, we could see signs that reflect the news of the next elections: "More queens, fewer RN& quot;. Around 7 p.m., the festive and colorful procession headed to the Peyrou gardens for the Bilal Hassani concert.

Mobilization against the RN

#GARD/AUDE – The rallies against the National Rally continued this Saturday, June 15. In Nîmes, some 1,500 people gathered at the call of the Gardoise inter-union association. A moment judged « historical » after the dissolution of the National Assembly and the calling of legislative elections on June 30 and July 7. In Alès, around 400 demonstrators took to the streets to express their desire to block the extreme right. In Aude, 800 people demonstrated in Carcassonne. Friday evening, there were around 3,000 in Montpellier, 600 in Millau and 700 in Sète to make a "popular front" to the call for around ten associations.

Today's number: 2200

#PALAVAS-LES-FLOTS – 24 hours of racing and entertainment for children from the Institut Saint- Rock. Some 2,200 participants divided into 235 teams set off on Saturday for the 7th edition of this great solidarity race in Palavas-les-Flots, supported by hundreds of supporter-spectators. The nice sum of 443,000 euros had already been collected before the start of the 24 H Run which should end this Sunday. Last year, donations amounted to nearly 630,000 euros.

Frontignan distinguished for biodiversity

#HERAULT – The City of Frontignan can be proud of having won, this year at the same time as the traditional Blue Flag, the Thomas Joly prize for biodiversity. The jury wished to reward the municipalities of Frontignan, Sète and Marseillan for their participation in the Atlas of Communal Biodiversity (ABC) of the Lagoon for which the Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives (CPIE ) of the Thau Basin was mandated. "We wanted to highlight the collaborative nature of the action and reward all the municipalities involved in the Blue Flag label and this Biodiversity Atlas project" , detailed the jury. The Thau Lagoon is indeed a fragile environment that must be protected and preserved. For this, professional and participatory inventories (general public and schools) were carried out with emphasis on underwater fauna and flora, on ordinary biodiversity, on nocturnal fauna and on non-native species of the lagoon. .

Perrier: Nestlé reassures

#GARD – Nestlé affirmed on Friday that it was still producing and marketing its 1 liter bottles of green Perrier, after Le Monde and Radio France have reported the suspension of production of this format in the Vergèze factory due to problems on several sources. "The production of Perrier 1 liter n’ is not stopped » and "yes the 1 l green Perrier bottles produced are marketed", Nestlé Waters told AFP. The company had already had to stop exploiting one of its boreholes in April at the request of the state and destroy at least 2 million bottles after the discovery of bacteria of fecal origin.

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