Persecution of concerts in Russia reached purse Rotaru: what is lost hytoryanka before the New year

Травля из-за концертов в России добралась до кошелька Ротару: чего лишилась "Хуторянка" перед Новым годом

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The network continues a vigorous discussion of the possible performances in Russia, the Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru. She showered a lot of criticism after she said that is going to perform in Moscow at “Song of the year”.

However, her defense became Russian friends, Lev Leshchenko, Nikolay Baskov and producer Andrey Razin.

Recently it became known that the hotel Sofia Rotaru, which is located in the Crimea, was closed for repairs and reconstruction. So, the complex “Villa Sofia” has not been profitable to the artist.

Травля из-за концертов в России добралась до кошелька Ротару: чего лишилась "Хуторянка" перед Новым годом

Hotel Sofia Rotaru in the Crimea. Photo: The Source

One of the reasons are the inflated cost of hotel rooms. The average price for the room was a day about 82 thousand rubles.

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The hotel employee said that the work associated with reconstruction will be held until may 1, and all the repairs will hold both inside and outside the building. The management decided to change the interior and exterior.

Razin also said that the closure of the hotel is directly connected with the scandal that erupted around her. He expresses the opinion that officials of the Crimea tried to support the state Duma and noted that the Yalta hotel, the singer was popular.

Recall the attitude of the Kremlin to the Crimea became known to all, an unexpected turn.

As reported Know. ua Ukrainian stars don’t refuse to play in Russia.

Also Know As. ua wrote that volunteer St. John’s Wort responded to the scandal with Rotaru in Russia.

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