Peru suffers from a serious shortage of medical oxygen

Le Pérou souffre d'une grave pénurie d'oxygène médical

Peru, the second country most affected in Latin America by the pandemic coronavirus behind Brazil, is facing a shortage of medical oxygen, has recognized Saturday, the ministry of Health.

The 9500 patients hospitalized in the country have led to the hospital system of peru to the brink of collapse, especially because of the lack of oxygen, which has been declared Thursday “strategic resource” by the authorities.

According to sources from the ministry of Health, there is a lack in the country some eight thousand bottles of medical oxygen, that can produce plants of overwhelmed by the demand.

The government has announced measures to provide oxygen as quickly as possible and import them if necessary.

“Be careful, this is not the time to fall sick. Today, even less than before, this is not the time to fall sick because our health system is very impacted,” said to the press the minister of Health, Victor Zamora.

Some 190 000 cases of COVID-19 have been detected in the country. The official figure of the dead is 5301, an increase of 139 over the past 24 hours.

The country is in its 83rd day of confinement mandatory. It has led to four Peruvians on ten, the total loss of their income, according to Ipsos.

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