Pétanque: the Marvejolais came close to the feat in mixed doubles in Saint-Flour

Pétanque: the Marvejolais came close to the feat in mixed doubles in Saint-Flour

Frédéric Machnik et Camille Max ont résisté aux assauts de leurs héroïques rivaux de Marvejols dimanche dernier lors d'un épilogue D'anthologie

Championnat de France de pétanque en doublette mixte, le week-end dernier à Saint-Flour. Les Marvejolais s’inclinent 13-10 au terme d’un épilogue au suspense haletant.

French mixed doubles pétanque championship, this weekend, in Saint-Flour (15) Beaten 13-10 at the end of a breathtakingly suspenseful epilogue…   It was written: "In the beam of the searchlights oriented towards Cantal, the Lozériens…" And the least we can say is that Fabienne Chapus and Dylan Carteyrade met the expectations of their many supporters.   A place in the final of the only configuration synonymous with absolute parity, that sums up the magnificent overall performance of Patrick Durand's protégés. Certainly, on the last Sunday march, the fatal slip was accompanied by regrets as the duo from Moselle (Camille Max, the Belgian international, was associated with Frédéric Machnik, his no less illustrious companion) experienced a maximum success time and time again.  

Saturday Flood

  Joined on the scoreboard (10-10), the members of the Freyming Sainte-Barbe club were able to draw on their resources, mental as well as technical, to drive the point home: 12-10, then 13- 10. Still. Not only did the losers not lose everything (they are now qualified for the next edition, in Chalon/Saône, in June 2025), but the punishment inflicted in the round of 16 and in the final four was not enough. honor to two living legends of the discipline (Angélique Colombet and Damien Hureau, beaten 13-5), will have left their mark.   If the close neighbors, who from Gard, Aveyron or Hérault did not shine without it being possible to say whether the deluge of Saturday afternoon distorted the debates , Dylan Carteyrade, the young prodigy from the Lozère breeding ground, is well on his way to continuing his rise to the top.   The experienced Fabienne Chapus, for her part, will have to wait before putting on a fourth tricolor jersey, the first three titles having been won to the delight of the Gard followers.    

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