Pete Davidson confirms that the death of Mac Miller caused his break-up with Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson confirme que la mort de Mac Miller a provoqué sa rupture avec Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson has separated from Ariana Grande : it confirms that the death of Mac Miller has caused their break-up

At the time of the announcement of the break-up between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, some rumors claimed that the death of Mac Miller in was the original. More of a after separation, the member of the SNL confirms that their relationship has truly ended when the rapper died of a drug overdose. He entrusts himself to open heart.

Pete Davidson returns to his break-up with Ariana Grande

Between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, everything went very quickly : they got engaged after a month of relationship and separated four months later. The reasons of their break-up have always remained unclear, but in October 2018, a source told HollywoodLife that they would be related to the death of Mac Miller, who died of an accidental overdose. A info confirmed today by Pete Davidson himself : “I understood that our relationship was over when Mac Miller passed away“, he says to Charlamagne Tha God.

“She loved him so much,”

The member of SNL went on to explain : “I totally understand and she’ll tell you herself also. I said to him : ‘Listen, I understand, do what you need to do, I’ll be there.’ It seems to me that I said to him : “I’ll be there until you do like it more than I am here.’ I more or less understood that it was over after that. It was really horrible and I can’t imagine what it must do. It was terrible ! The only thing I really know is that she loved him greatly and that this was not a comedy.” Ariana Grande has tried everything to get out Mac Miller for his addiction to the drug, to no avail. This is also why she has taken the decision to leave.

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