Peter Miller's career in 5 souvenir photos

The career of Peter Miller in 5 souvenir photos

MISE & Agrave; DAY

After New York & nbsp;

In 2002, the native actor of Chibougamau, then aged 34, had just obtained the role of Mike Ludano, captain of the National de Québec, in the series < em> Launches and counts: new generation . He was returning from New York where he attended prestigious gaming schools, after studying at the University of California and playing professionally for five in the Canadian Football League (CFL). & Nbsp;

First Quebec film & nbsp;

In the comedy Mambo Italiano , released in 2003, Peter Miller played the role of Nino, a young homosexual in love with Luke, but who married Pina (Sophie Lorain ), yielding to pressure from his Italian family. This big success by director Émile Gaudreault, released in some 40 countries, also featured Ginette Reno and Paul Sorvino, two artists that Peter greatly admires. & Nbsp;

In noble & nbsp;

In the TV series Assasin’s Creed: Lineage , produced by Ubisoft, Peter Miller lends his image to the Duke of Milan. Thanks to his very distinctive look, which he owes to his mother, a French-speaking Native American, he is frequently offered the roles of Italians or Native Americans, often villains. His father, an English-speaking engineer, allowed young Peter to travel a lot. The two unfortunately left too soon. & Nbsp;

Big TV debut

In the Era of the Lance and Count: Next Generation series, in 2003, when it all started on TV for Peter Miller. Now recognized for being the charming captain of the National de Québec, a fictitious hockey team created by Réjean Tremblay, he will at the same time play the role of Salvatore in the series The last chapter by Luc Dionne that he found today with District 31. & nbsp;

Good guys and bastards

Far from “Tonio”, the boss of the Sixers of < em> District 31 , Peter Miller played a … policeman of the Sûreté du Québec in the series Virginie , sergeant Stéphane Lesieur (photo), imagined by author Fabienne Larouche at the end of the 90s. his roles, the most difficult of his career remains that of a rapist and killer in the film They were five released in 2004. & nbsp; & nbsp;

♦ On finds Peter Miller in Luc Dionne's popular series, District 31 , on Radio-Canada from Monday to Thursday at 7 p.m. He plays the role of the sympathetic criminal biker François “Tonio” Labelle, alongside Dan Bigras (Ryan Robin) and Paul Doucet (Denis Corbin).

♦ The actor filmed in the series Lewis and Clark alongside Casey Affleck, re-enacting the first expedition to cross the American continent between 1804 and 1806. A mega project produced by Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks, but which was cut short in the middle of filming.

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