Petition against wearing a mask mandatory: the signatories to lack of information, according to a microbiologist

Pétition contre le port du masque obligatoire: les signataires manquent d'information, selon une microbiologiste

A microbiologist at the Centre hospitalier de l’université de Montréal (CHUM) estimates that the signatories of a petition against the mask-wearing compulsory should be better informed.

“I believe that these people lack information, said Cécile Tremblay at QUB radio. At the beginning, we had no data that showed that it was useful [wearing a mask] in the population. But in this outbreak, we are evolving day after day.”

According to her, some 58 000 signatories of the petition, now withdrawn, do not have “all the information of the more recent developments tend to demonstrate the efficacy of wearing a mask in public.”

“These people [the petitioners] must continue to inform”, she insisted.

In addition, she said that she was very worried about the fact that the capacity of screening of Quebec seems to be limited at the present time.

“I think it’s going to be a major impediment to our public health if we are not able to respond to the call now,” she said.

  • Listen to Cécile Tremblay, a microbiologist and infectious diseases physician at the CHUM, on QUB radio:

Petition withdrawn

For its part, Geneviève Sénécal, the instigator of the petition against the wearing of masks compulsory, said it was surprised by the success of their petition.

Published on a web page, this petition had obtained more than 58 000 signatures Wednesday morning, before suddenly disappearing.

“When I saw that in two days the petition had secured so many signatures, I thought I would go on a more formal basis”, she told, saying it wanted to continue its efforts with a new petition.

In an interview with QUB radio Thursday, Ms. Sénécal deplored “the lack of coherence in the discourse, since the beginning”.

“From the point of view of science, this measure-there is nothing that proves that it is effective. I would like it if we can get evidence,” added Ms. Senecal, who has not spoken against the wearing of the mask, but rather against the fact that it is mandatory.

  • Listen to Geneviève Sénécal, instigator of the petition against the mask-wearing mandatory, on QUB radio:

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