Petition to rip down the statue of the founder of McGill University

Pétition pour déboulonner la statue du fondateur de l’Université McGill

MONTREAL – An online petition calling for the removal of the statue of the founder of McGill University, in Montreal.

Launched nearly a week on the petition asks that the statue of James McGill is removed and replaced by a tree, reported Saturday on Global News.

Saturday evening, the petition has exceeded blithely 1700 signatures.

The initiator of the petition, Hannah Wallace, argued that the founder of McGill University was a owner of black slaves and aboriginal people, and for this reason his statue has no place in the campus.

For the indigenous student, the university MvGill should tackle the dark colonial past of its founder, now under the fire of criticism.

A spokesman for McGill university told Global News that the founder of the university was effectively the owner of slaves.

The monument of Sir John A. Macdonald, repeatedly vandalized, is also the subject of a request for déboulonnement, as it symbolizes the past, “racist” and “colonial” Canada.

The online petition with over 9000 signatures requires its removal from the park of the place du Canada, Montreal.

This wave of protest following the death of the African-American, during an arrest the police on the 25th of may.

Around the world, statues and symbols deemed racist have been clarified.

Last Sunday in the west of England, the statue of Edward Coslton, a merchant of slaves in the Seventeenth century, was thrown into the water by angry protesters.

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