Petroica traded “Daddy” Boklan on hot Lebanese macho Salem

Петрожицкая променяла "Папика" Боклана на горячего ливанского мачо Салема

Daria Petrozhitskaya and Daniel Salem, a photo – press-service of the 1+1

today, 03:30

On Sunday, March 8, live singing show “the voice of the country-10” second stage “Battles” will come two Ukrainian stars – the star of the show “Papa” Daria Petrozhitskaya and participant in “Dancing with the stars” Daniel Salem. In-Studio morning show “snidanok z 1+1”, the artists shared their experiences before a fight song, and also spoke about their relationship. About it reports a press-service channel.

As you know, Daniel and Daria were “blind” audition and made the team of Tina Karol. They immediately became friends, but soon they will have to compete, because at the stage of “Fighting” the mentor put them in a pair to perform the songs together. According to the rules, the coach must leave the team only one of the vocalists. To the question about what they think – who needs to leave the project, Daria and Danielle laughed it off and said that actually became friends. “I immediately fell in love with her because she is very cool actress. We feel like we’ve known each other 15 years,” said Salem.

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Recall that the star of “Daddy” Petroica laid eyes on the judges “Voice of the country”.

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