Petrosyan and his young wife are expecting a baby? The network has noticed an interesting detail

Петросян и его молодая жена ждут ребенка? В сети заметили интересную деталь

today, 08:32

Famous Russian comedian Evgeniy Petrosyan recently parted ways with a friendly Elena Stepanenko. But, he legalized relationship with his own 30-year-old mistress Tatiana Brukhanova. In the network appeared rumors that a new passion comedian is expecting his child.

About it write the Russian mass media.

The reason for such suspicions was the fact that Tatiana Brukhanova signed up for the social networking groups on the topics — motherhood, child care. In addition, the subscriptions mistress Petrosian found the page clinic, which gave birth to many Russian stars.

No 74-year-old comedian, neither 30-year-old Brukhanova not officially confirmed this information. They also did not comment on information about their own marriage.

We will note that Tatyana Brukhanova worked for a long time in the office with Elena Stepanenko. Widespread popularity it received in the summer of 2018 in the context of divorce Yevgeny Petrosyan and Stepanenko. That’s when the General public learned that the girl and the comedian are not only working relationship. It became known that their relationship lasted since 2013.

We remind that recently Petrosyan lit up with his young mistress at the festival “New wave”. The pair actively discussed something and not hide feelings.

Wrote Know.ia, Petrosian showed that doing with a young mistress: Stepanenko sight.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that Petrosyan and Stepanenko refused to divorce will stay together forever.

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