“Petrosyan-boom”: the scandalous divorce has become a goldmine for comedians

"Петросян-бум": скандальный развод стал золотым дном для юмористов

Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko can make good money in the last month of summer. On the background of divorce at times flew, the prices of speech of comedians. At this rate, the scandal portends for the artists happiness. About it writes “StarHit”.

“Just now, “Petrosyan boom”. A year ago, Yevgeny vaganovich went on the little palaces of culture, and not always collected rooms. As Elena Stepanenko. Today the organizers of the concerts broke my phone. Everyone wants Petrosyan”, — said the promoter of Sergey Lavrov interview to the Russian edition.

According to the organizer of the concerts, the prices of speech of the humorist , too, soared.

“Before the concert of Yevgeny Vaganovich cost 350-500 thousand rubles. Now we are going to sell for 500-700 thousand. From Stepanenko just as well — for less money she has to speak will not”— said Lavrov, noting that the stand-up demand is even higher than her husband.

A sudden burst of popularity, the promoter explained the sentimentality of the audience.

“This story is about us. Every woman can throw up his hands: “Poor Stepanenko, he has a mistress!” and think about your marriage. And the man to feel solidarity with Evgeny Vaganovich, “Poor Petrosyan, everyone wants to pick!”— says Sergey.

Also fuels the demand and closeness of history.

“It’s not invented. And Evgeny vaganovich, and Elena G., on the contrary, trying to preserve in the shadow of his personal life. And all that secretly — sweet and interesting”, — said the organizer.

Comedians can now a few years to “sell” your divorce, and not just at concerts. “Sorry Eugene Vaganovich are eighteen, and then he could have another 20 years to tour, to produce books and to shoot series on this wave”, he said.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the neighbors let slip about the pregnancy assistant Petrosian.

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