Pets, a source of comfort during the pandemic

Les animaux de compagnie, source de réconfort durant la pandémie

For many of us, animals are an endless source of small happiness and affection. Their company has no doubt beneficial effects on our health. This is even more true during this period of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19.

Pets have permanently beneficial effects on their owners for the containment. They offer comfort during these difficult times.

Zoélie Dupont and her dog Beatrice

For Zoélie Dupont, 12 years old, his dog, Beatrice has made all the difference. Her friends from high school Casavant him missing. “When I saw the tough moments, I told Beatrice. It is my confidante, ” says Zoélie who are living moments of anguish and stress that it handles a little less well. “When this happens “, she says, ” Beatrice’s sticking on me and it calms me down. “

Catherine Duranleau and Ninchat

In addition to this calming power, pets have never been as useful to combat the loneliness. Catherine Duranleau, teacher Technology analysis biomedical at cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe, speaks of Ninchat, a pussy that she was adopted 10 years ago. “During the confinement, living alone in the house, we’re going to have to say, it puts the life ! ”

For Rachel St-Arnaud, a master’s student at the University of Montreal, it is the same thing. She lives alone in a small studio. “Let’s say that after three days only between the same four walls, this was not healthy for the mind…” she said. So she decided to become a foster family for the SPCA and garde a pussy. “Best decision in the world !” she said. “This is an excellent exchange of service “, explained Rachel St-Arnaud, because Miss keeps him company, and she avoids to Miss of being confined in a cage.

Clearing emotional

In addition to the loneliness that drives us at this time of the COVID-19, there is the remoteness of the families with whom we get bored, and that the presence of the animals may compensate in part.

For Teresa Granger and Claude Farley, who live in the countryside in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, it is Melba who plays this role, because they get bored of their five grandchildren. Melba was offered by Mr. Farley on the day of Valentine’s day 2020 to Ms. Granger who loves his cat : “we’re talking together. She meows and looks at me in the eyes. “Mr. Farley agreed :” it is no longer and the children can’t come to see us… Melba gives us a beautiful presence, because they take care of it, it flatters her and plays with it. “Catherine Duranleau says on this subject :” the break with my family was difficult, because we are so close. It is really through Ninchat that I could have a bit of sweetness. We did not suspect to what extent an animal can soothe and brighten the day. ”

This is another more, as Gabrielle Mathieu points out. For this woman of 23 years who works at the Centre hospitalier universitaire vétérinaire of University of Montreal, it is Aslan, his beautiful horse Clydesdale who is his source of happiness daily. “I’ll deal with it at the rate of three hours per day since the beginning of the containment and it gives me joy,” she said.

In other words, the animals do good to their masters.

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