Pets Eurovision: what was their life after the contest

Loreen changed her image, and the Fisherman puts the musical

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Любимчики Евровидения: как сложилась их жизнь после конкурса

Loreen, Alexander Rybak, Mans Zelmerlow

May 14 was the first semi-final of the Eurovision song contest 2019. The participants showed a bright stage performance of the famous musical competition.

Meanwhile, Today.Lifestyle has a story about the most memorable participants of the Eurovision song contest since 2000-ies. Find out what are the actors and how their life has developed after participating in the contest.


Famous Ukrainian singer Ruslana immediately after his victory at the Eurovision song contest in 2004, which was held in Istanbul, was awarded the title “people’s artist of Ukraine”. Her winning song “Dyki Tantsi” (Wild Dances) became a hit, and rousing the room remembered for a long time in Europe.

In 2006, the song “Wild Dances” was recognized by the German television “the Best song of Eurovision”. In 2008, the singer released the album “Amazon”. In 2011 she was the coach in the show “Golos Krainy”. In 2013 he participated in the show “Battle of choirs” as a trainer of the choir from Lviv, which won.

Любимчики Евровидения: как сложилась их жизнь после конкурса

Ruslana Photo:

Ruslana was one of the most prominent activists of “Euromaidan” by swiping on the Maidan in Kiev most of the time, stopping on the concert activity. The actress also dedicated their activities to improve the image of Ukraine in Europe, giving presentations in many international organization in Europe.

At the end of may 2018, Ruslana called for the global forum Solor Future. Influencers Today’s Forum Asia in Shanghai, China, where he participated in a panel discussion describing their mission, project Wild Energy on renewable energy.


English speaking Finnish hard rock group Lordi won Eurovision. Performance of musicians was accompanied by bright pyrotechnic show, all the participants were in masks terrible orcs. The result is 292 points at the time was a record for the history of the competition. The group took first place, ahead of Dima Bilan.

It is noteworthy that with the victory in the competition, the group was congratulated personally by the President of Finland. Victory at the Eurovision song contest brought the group great popularity.

Любимчики Евровидения: как сложилась их жизнь после конкурса


The single “This Is Heavy Metal”, released in August, became the soundtrack of the movie Saw 3D.

For many years, the composition of Lordi is constantly changing. Permanent party is the only vocalist Mr. Lordi.

Now the band is not as popular as before, but still continues its activities. A few days ago on his page on Instagram, they announced the beginning of recording a new album.

Dima Bilan

Russian singer Dima Bilan has represented his country at the contest twice: in 2006 with the song Never Let You Go, finishing second, and in 2008 with the song “Believe”, taking first place and becoming the first artist from Russia, who won the Eurovision song contest.

In subsequent years, the musical career of Bilan developed successfully, the artist has released the all-new hits, participated in various festivals, concerts and shows. In 2012 and in 2016 he became the coach of the Russian “Voice”.

Любимчики Евровидения: как сложилась их жизнь после конкурса

Dima Bilan

In 2017 have been actively dismissed rumors that Dima Bilan’s health problems. They soon confirmed. The artist found multiple hernias in the spine. Fans of Bilan’s been a long time concerned about his condition, looking at photos of the artist in social networks. The photographs Bilan seemed to them “samodejnim” and having “sickly”. It seems that the artist was able to cope with illness, as he continues his musical career. In addition, in 2018 he started his own business, opening a small three star hotel.

Alexander Rybak

Belarusian Norwegian, Alexander Rybak won Eurovision in 2009. His wide smile, the virtuoso playing of the violin song Fairytale and he had conquered hundreds of thousands of Europeans. The artist scored a record 387 points. The previous record of 292 points, owned in 2006, Lordi.

After this, the Fisherman became more famous and popular. Artist are often invited to various TV projects, concerts, and other events. In 2018, Alexander once again decided to try their hand at Eurovision, finishing in 15th place.

The other day, for the 10-year anniversary since winning the Eurovision song contest Alexander presented a love ballad I’m Still Here and the video for her dedicated fans from around the world.

In the years since winning the Eurovision song contest, Alexander managed to record several albums, to remove more than 20 clips, many of which are filmed in Ukraine. Alexander writes soundtracks and has partnered with global studios. Now the Fisherman working on their own musical, which is based on his book Trolle (“Troll”).


The song’s Swedish Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen (Loreen) Euphoria hundreds of times played on radio and TV, has sung in various vocal show, and I remember this song until now. Lorin is considered to be one of the best and brightest performers of the Eurovision song contest in its history. After the contest, the same year saw the premiere of the debut album Heal.

Now she continues to pursue her career. Lauryn radically changed her image, making a short haircut and repainted in blonde.

Любимчики Евровидения: как сложилась их жизнь после конкурса


Måns Zelmerlow

Mons – winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2015. The actor surprised the audience with an unusual room and a memorable song. The artist was one of the leading Eurovision 2016, and in 2017 he commented on the competition.

Note that in February 2018 Mons introduced the song “Happyland” and the official video for this song. YouTube videos have collected more than a million views.

In 2017, the actor married English actress Kiara Johnson. The couple are raising two children.

Любимчики Евровидения: как сложилась их жизнь после конкурса

Måns Zelmerlow children

Mons often publishes family photos online.

Любимчики Евровидения: как сложилась их жизнь после конкурса

Måns Zelmerlow wife

We will remind, it became known who was in the Eurovision song contest from 2019.

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