Pets: trainer Daniel Filion and Keiko

Pets: Educator Daniel Filion and Keiko


Trainer Daniel Filion introduces us to his magnificent cat Keiko, a 5-year-old male Main Coon.

1. What is the reason that led you to have this cat?

Although we recommend at Éduchateur to adopt shelter cats, I had realized that to have a better chance of being invited on television, it generally took beautiful purebred cats. I was at the start of my career and, as I wanted to be invited more often on television as an Educator, I had made an official request to a Main Coon breeder whom I greatly esteem for a very special cat. I was looking for a Main Coon with a particular attitude: an adventurous cat who is not afraid of anything. It arrived ten years later…

2. Tell us in what context Keiko arrived at your place?

So, ten years later, in January 2018, my spouse Josine learned that she had breast cancer. We are devastated as you can imagine. The day of his first chemotherapy treatment, the breeder calls me to tell me that it is! The cat we need has arrived. All the experts will tell you that they don't suggest adopting a pet during a tough time like this and that makes perfect sense. However, I was working from home so we weighed the pros and cons and when the breeder sent us Keiko's photo, we couldn't resist. Keiko arrived home 2 months later, at 16 weeks old. This cat really helped Josine during this hellish year. He made us laugh and smile more than once.

3. Why did you choose the name Keiko?

Traditionally, all the names I gave to my cats refer to fictional characters. Keiko is a Star Trek character in Deep Space Nine. In the choice, it is the name and the story that interests me rather than the character as such. 

4. How to describe Keiko's personality in a few sentences?

He is a buffoon and a “Roger-bontemps”. He has no routine, which is rare for a cat. It is always close to us or glued to us, but never lies down on us. And when he goes to bed, he doesn't turn around in circles like other cats do: he is downright scared! He lies down on the floor, right in the middle of the square, a bit like a dog. He makes us laugh a lot when he looks at us: he always has his mouth slightly open and his tongue sticking out a little. He is also the first cat in the household who is really ours, Josine and me. He has no favorite person.  

5. Tell us a funny, unusual or particular fact about your animal.

He knows what he wants in life. He stares into our eyes to let us know. For example, if me, Josine or a guest is sitting on the left, on the armchair and Keiko decides that he wants to lie down there, he settles on the arm of the armchair and stares at us until we give way to him.

About Daniel Filion

  • Expert in feline behavior, founder of Cat Educator and FelinExpert, his company has been offering advice, consultations, conferences and training on feline behavior for almost 15 years.
  • You can follow him every Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. in the first season of the docuseries In therapy with my chat on TV5 Unis.