Phase 3 of boul. Rene-Levesque could end in 2020

The third and final section of René-Lévesque Boulevard could only be inaugurated in 2020. It will be 900 meters long and will connect the roundabout on Henri-Labonne Street to Bourque Boulevard, at the Rue du Oboe.
The onday in briefing about the Bertrand-Fabi street, the Director of Urban Infrastructure and Sustainable Development in the City of Sherbrooke, Caroline Gravel, reported that René-Lévesque Boulevard will also be a solution to reduce the pressure on Bertrand-Fabi. The citizens asked when the new boulevard would be finished.

Ms. Gravel replied that the work was planned for 2019 and plans and specifications were already in progress.

However, the Communications Department of the City of Sherbrooke indicates that the budget available in 2018 only allows for preparatory studies. We check if the planned route is optimal and if it is possible to modify it to avoid certain acquisitions. Land will actually be acquired to reach the Rue du Haut-Bois Nord. If the elected officials grant the necessary budget in 2019, plans and specifications can be completed next year, as well as acquisitions. Elected officials are sovereign, they say in the Communications Service. They could therefore provide funding for the construction of the boulevard as well.

At first glance, no major constraint could result in delaying the work. However, the preparatory studies will confirm this.

With the construction of phase 3 of the boulevard, the intersection of boulevard Bourque and rue du Haut-Bois should be redeveloped. However, it was impossible to know if the work will be carried out at the same time as those of the boulevard.

“A redevelopment of the Haut-Bois-Bourque intersection is planned. Last year, we planned a sidewalk between Haut-Bois and Gibraltar. It had to be done last summer, but due to the weather, we did not have time. We will do it this year, “says Caroline Gravel.

The suspenders will be temporarily blocked until the intersection is redeveloped.

Once completed, René-Lévesque Boulevard will have a length of 3.75 km. The first two sections, between Portland Boulevard and Henri-Labonne Street, should be inaugurated in June.

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