Pheasant hunting: unanswered questions

Pheasant hunting: unanswered questions


Our Journal Investigation Bureau yesterday presented a report on a hunt in which the Minister of the Economy Pierre Fitzgibbon participated last October, on Province Island, at Lake Memphremagog.

Our journalist Jean-François Cloutier reports having asked questions to Mathieu St-Amand, director of communications in the office of the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, which remained unanswered. 

Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of the Economy.

The latter replied: “This is a private activity of the minister which took place over a few hours. If you would like an interview on pheasant hunting, we are willing to speak with one of your hunting and fishing columnists. »

Following this invitation, I therefore prepared and sent a series of 20 questions to Mathieu St-Amand last Wednesday at 2:55 p.m. As of yesterday, at 6 p.m., I had still not received any answer from him.

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20 questions for Pierre Fitzgibbon

So here, in bold, are the questions I asked. I have also written personal notes which you can read in parentheses.

1.How many pheasants did you kill?

(There are no slaughter limits for this game which is in fact poultry raised on farms. On the other hand, in most hunting sites open to the public, an average of five farmed pheasants can be taken per rifleman.)

2. Was this your first pheasant hunt? 

(Mr Fitzgibbon told the press yesterday that he had been on it for many years. )

3. Do you practice other hunts?

4. Did you pass your firearms course? 

(My sources tell me so, but I didn't have the official response from his press secretary.)

5. Do you have a hunter's card and, if so, which one
< strong> category?  

(If he passed his handling course, he probably has his hunter's certificate.)

6. What type of weapon did you use? 

(Although it is possible to hunt from August 1 to December 31, 2022 with firearms and compressed air, with a crossbow or a bow, he probably hunted with a 12 gauge rifle or even maybe a 20.)

7. Was it a firearm provided to you or owned by you? 

(Certain sites sometimes lend them under certain conditions. If Mr. Fitzgibbon is a real fan, as he said yesterday in the press scrum, he may have his own gun.)

< strong>8.Do you have a Firearms Possession and Acquisition Card? 

(This card is required to purchase firearms and ammunition.)

9. Do you think pheasant hunting is more of a hunt or a shooting activity? 

(The pheasant is not a wild animal, but rather a farmed poultry. It is not subject to all of Quebec's various hunting rules, with a season that runs from August 1 to December 31, 2022.)

10. Were you accompanied by a guide? 

(These prestigious sites provide guides. One of them also testified in the diary of 'yesterday.)

11. Were you or your guide reloading your firearm?

12.Was it you or your guide who went to look for the pheasants?

(Depending on the conditions of the terrain, the proximity of the bird and the type of hunting, it could be the guide, a hunting dog and sometimes the hunter himself.) 

13.Did you or your guide prepare the pheasants for consumption? 

(That's definitely the guide. In many places, you only charge a few dollars for evisceration. For example, you charge $3 per bird at the Mont-Tremblant Hunting and Fishing Association.)

14.How many slaughtered pheasants did you go home with at the end of the day? 

(In popular sites, we are talking about four or five pheasants. In this place, I have no idea)

15. Did you participate in the lunch at the time of the noon? 

(Mr. Fitzgibbon answered yes to the media yesterday.)

16.Were you served pheasant for lunch?

17. What was on the menu?< /p>

18. From what time to what time did this activity last, from when you arrived at the landing stage on the land side to when you Are you back?

19.Is this an activity you plan to do again? < /p>

(Mr. Fitzgibbon told the media yesterday that he intended to return.)

20. Would you recommend this hunt for the general public? 

(Certainly not at this location, as they are guests hand-picked by the island's wealthy shareholders.)

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Pheasant hunting: question s without answers