Philip “hit” Vladimir Zelensky in front of Lorak: strange video walks through the network

Филипп Киркоров "стукнул" Владимира Зеленского на глазах у Лорак: странное видео гуляет по сети

Kirkorov Zelensky

yesterday, 15:45

It is hard to imagine that the king of Russian pop Philip Kirkorov and Vladimir Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, might have something to merge. However, it turned out that the world of show business are pretty tight. In 2009, Philip sang the song a year later shot a video. In it lit up, and Vladimir Zelensky.

The video for the song “Just give” Philip Kirkorov made a lot of noise on the Internet – the main role was performed by Vladimir Zelensky, what was suspected, not all.

Филипп Киркоров "стукнул" Владимира Зеленского на глазах у Лорак: странное видео гуляет по сети

Philip, Golosa

Philip, Golosa

10 years ago Vladimir Zelensky played in the video the main role of a simple guy who is involved in the filming of Philip Kirkorov. At the timing 2:05 you can see a curious point: the book gives Zelensky slap.

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After archival clip posted in social media immediately began to discuss. The song “Just give” was not in his time hit, but now scored a whopping 5 million views – and it’s not a small amount.

Earlier, Pugacheva has pushed off foreheads of two men, a high-profile case continued: “the Galkin ordered Kirkorov”.

Also Znayu wrote that Polyakov showed passionate kisses with Kirkorov, very unexpectedly.

Another Portal Znayu reported that 70-year-old Pugachev has changed beyond recognition, a new hairstyle and a short mini photo.

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