Philippe Bond: a series project started

Philippe Bond: un projet de série entamé

Don’t be surprised if you see Philippe Bond defend a comic role and dramatic on tv in the near future. The comedian has a tv series on the shelves, but maybe not for long…

There are two or three years, he set out to write a work of fiction and humorous and dramatic, of which he has completed three episodes.

“These are guys who come from the same community, but at the beginning of adulthood, they take different paths,” explains the artist. They are still good friends, but unfortunately, there are those who saw a little more crooked than others. There are a humorist, others who work in construction, others who have taken paths a little bit more heated. It speaks a lot to stay friends despite the career choices of his “buddies”.”

Good people around you and begin

If the possibility of finding themselves in front of the cameras the time of its own transmission will certainly be a challenge, Philippe Bond does not follow for as much of the drama “I will not have a big role, but I’m trying to surround myself with good actors to look good, rigole-t-il. I’m going to leave a lot of room at my colleagues, I think.”

Even if the project spirals out of control and that the idea of turn a driver makes his way, the artist explains that things in tv are not as simple as on the boards.

“The scene I’m writing a show, a month after that, I’m going on a break, five months later, I’m touring, and it works. There, we went to a “pitch”; people have “loved” on the series and we were asked to do a pilot. It is to put 40 000 $, 50 000 $, 60 000 $ on an issue for which you are going may be make you say, “there is no room on the schedule”.”

A busy man

All performances of his show “Thank you” has obviously been delayed as a result of the COVID-19, but Philippe Bond does not get bored. His family schedule is loaded – “my girlfriend, this is the pro activities,” he says – and he has carried out several projects during the confinement.

Side humor, it is fun to spin different web capsules with his neighbor, he completed his collaboration weekly micro Power, and has contributed to “On the grill in quarantine”, a series of well-cooked moderated by Sylvain Larocque.

However, unlike many of his funny colleagues, he is not ready to string together the performances virtual. “I really like to meet the world, to gags, to see the world, laugh, sign autographs and meet with the people after [the performances] that I find it really weird at the moment.”

At the beginning of the containment, it has also highlighted the work of the professionals of the health care community and those making a difference by organizing a weekly contest in order to pay a tribute to them. He has given 36 pairs of tickets for her tour, when it will resume.

“It was my way to get out of the lot and to thank the people.”

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